smarty4covid - BIOSIM joins forces with AHEPA and launches the first clinical pilot involving hospitalized COVID-19 patients with the aim to identify novel biomarkers of infection and disease progression

Smarty4covid aspires to discover novel biomarkers with high prognostic value regarding the onset and the progress of COVID-19. Τhe project advances the current state of the art by initiating innovative clinical pilots involving hospitalized patients with COVID-19 through a strategic partnership with the AHEPA Hospital. It is expected that the application of AI on the heterogeneous data (e.g. medical history, laboratory exams, audio recordings of breath, speech and cough) that will be collected within the framework of the clinical pilots will produce new biomarkers of disease progression.

Besides the version used within the clinical study under the supervision of healthcare professionals, smarty4covid has released a web-based application ( to facilitate crowd sourcing data collection. This parallel study aims at the development of models able to predict the risk of COVID-19 infection and provide biomarkers for disease progression in infected non-hospitalized individuals.

Co-ordinated by Konstantina Nikita, MD, PhD (ECE-NTUA Professor and Director of the BIOSIM lab), and featuring collaboration with AILS lab (Prof. George Stamou), smarty4covid has achieved the highest ranking in the call “Interventions to address the economic and social effects of the COVID-19 pandemic” and is funded by the Hellenic Foundation for Research and Innovation. Dr. Konstantia Zarkogianni, permanent teaching laboratory staff and member of the BIOSIM lab, serves as Principal Investigator of the project which is implemented with the participation of several researchers from the BIOSIM and AILS labs.

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