Open Lecture with MIT Prof. Manolis Kellis

We are thrilled to invite you for an open lecture at the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), featuring distinguished guest speaker Professor Manolis Kellis from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). This event is a part of the “Biodesign Fundamentals” course offered under the Master of Science “Translational Engineering in Health and Medicine”, which is jointly offered by the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering and the School of Mechanical Engineering.

Event Details

Title: AI and the Future of Medicine and Innovation

Speaker: Prof. Manolis Kellis, MIT

Date: 31/10/2023

Time: 17:30

Venue: Multimedia Amphitheater, Library Building, NTUA Campus

Remote Access: Zoom Meeting


  • 30-minute presentation by Prof. Kellis on his pioneering research in AI and its profound impact on healthcare.
  • Fireside chat with Prof. Leonidas Alexopoulos, providing an interactive platform to delve deeper into on how AI will affect the future of medicine and the future of scientific discovery, engineering, and innovation.

Prof. Kellis’ pioneering work in genomics, epigenomics, and genome interpretation has significantly advanced our understanding of complex genetic interactions and their implications on human health. His innovative algorithms and computational methods have propelled the field of genome analysis forward and showcased the boundless possibilities of AI in healthcare, education, exploration, and beyond.

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